Pick up a pinch, kind of like the amount of rice that you pick up in two forks of rice when you eat, and drop it into a small pot/kettle.

  • Boil it in a litre of water or less if you want it more concentrated, but not less than 500 mls.
  • Let it boil for ten minutes. 5 if you’re in a rush.
  • Drink two/three cups of that tea a day.

Do this for 15 days at a time. After 15 days, rest for 10 days, then continue until whenever you feel like. 

This applies to all the herbs and powders.

Some herbs on the site come in powder form, such as moringa.  Fill a mug with boiling hot water, and add half a teaspoon of the powder. 

Stir stir stir….and drink. The powder is what we want here so don’t exactly wait for it to settle then drink the juice, but you don’t HAVE to drink all the powder.  Just make sure you’ve given it time to infuse (about 5 minutes) before you drink it.