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I created this website to sell and spread knowledge about some incredible herbs with amazing properties that fight off a surprising amount of conditions and sicknesses we face and can really boost your health for the better.

Almost all pharmaceutical drugs are derived from, contain extracts of, or are synthetically developed to mimic properties of a certain plant which has been found to cure a disease or condition.  We all know that. But if we all know that, why do we continue to take these chemically dense pills that have been shown to contribute to so many more problems, why not just consume the plant which alone comes with an explosion of nutrients and doesn’t have a single chemical added?

You may say convenience. True, but many people have the chance to make a cup of herbal tea during the day and drink it. It’s not exactly rocket science.

But we all are constantly popping pills because we’ve got High BP, Low BP, Diabetes, a weak immune system, flu, headaches, our joints hurt, we lack vitamins, we want our skin to clear up, our hair to grow, we feel sluggish and we want to be more alert, or to sleep better,  etc and we believe that the more we take of these miracle pills, multivitamins and supplements, the better our body functions.

The pills we get for these things may work to an extent, but may come with very dangerous side-effects over time that pharmaceutical companies will never want you to know about.  They need patients to buy their products so that the industry can exist. 

Check out this eye-opening article showing the dangers of such drugs here .

I have a few herbs and their information already published on the site,  which you can choose from, then just email me your list and they can be delivered to you in under two weeks tops! 🙂 Some herbs aren’t mentioned in the website, I keep adding on so if you know of a herb you would like that isn’t mentioned, don’t hesitate to ask –  I might have it.

My email address is mrsgreencommunity@gmail.com. Always active and available for any queries you may have. You can write in Portuguese if you prefer.

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